Art not only evokes memories ad contemplation but it also encounters the present and shapes the future. My work is the product of a rich heritage from my origins in Cuba, images that reflect my memories from my tropical experience.
— Diana Rosa

Hailing from Holguin, Cuba, Diana attended Oriente University in Santiago De Cuba earning a Bachelor of Art in Art History and Fine Art. Diana made the move to Toronto, Canada in 2001 and began working at the Royal Ontario Museum. Now working as an artist in the city, her work has been shown at  ArtExpo New York, Toronto Art Expo, Ottawa Art Expo and the Artist Project Toronto.

Diana’s paintings start with a number of sketches on paper. A sketch is selected and then drawn full size onto canvas. Over the years, Diana has developed a unique technique using sharp brush strokes, palette knives, contrasting textures, a variety of acrylic mediums and multiple layers of her very distinctive and rich color palette to help create the complex nature of her paintings. Diana’s works include abstracts, objects, elements and floral. The forms of which are precisely rendered, yet still unreal, surreal, fixed like symbols or fantastic motifs.