When I look deep inside myself I can see and feel the unlimited flow of cultural treasures that take place in the land of Sudan. Through my paintings I strive to express just a fraction of this cultural amalgamation.
— Izzeldinn Kojour


Izzeldinn Kojour Suleman was born and raised in Aroma, Eastern Sudan in 1967. In 1991, he graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts of the Sudan University of Science and Technology in Khartoum. He has also studied Graphic Design, Music and Arabic Calligraphy.

His paintings harmoniously combine limitless colours and shapes to depict Sudanese lifestyle and culture. They combine Arabic influences and add an Eastern flavour to African symbols and motifs to express the uniqueness of this cultural intermarriage.

Though based in London, Ontario, he has had many exhibits showcasing his Sudanese heritage to the globe. Kojour has exhibited in Africa, New York, Paris, the Middle East and Toronto and other parts of Canada.