Through mixed media paintings I depict personal experiences based on places, cultures, history, legends, mythologies and ancestral symbols. The concepts I depict represent our vulnerability and transcendental role in the world. My work is a reflection of my indigenous ancestry in fusion with my Spanish background.
— Jesus Mora


Jesus Mora, a Mexican-Canadian artist, is from a family of craftsmen, carpenters, blacksmiths and artists. In 1995 he studied drawing and painting in “Casa de la Cultura de Chapultepec” and Unidad Cuahutemoc, Mexico. On a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico he met with Antonio Mandarin who taught him the technique to make “alebrijes” wood sculpture. Two years later he moved to Toronto and started his studies in Toronto School of Art and Ontario College of Art and Design. For the past few years he has participated in several art projects, festivals exhibitions and workshops. Currently he is part of a Latino Canadian Cultural Association (LCCA) and Red Pepper Spectacle Arts. His work is expressed through painting, photograph, video, sculpture and performance and has been exhibited in Canada, Mexico, Italy and Germany.