I’ve developed a need to express and replicate human experiences such as love, hate, anxiety, regret, joy, and happiness. Many people have asked me where I get my ideas for my paintings. The only sensible answer I can give is that none of my ideas are pre-planned; they just come from the subconscious and get realized on to the canvas. I believe that what I paint is an extension of who I am and my beliefs. The progression of all my art work has always been a reflection of my inner self and where I am at that moment in time.
— Mario Angel


Mario Angel’s early propensity for drawing and painting led him to pursue a fine arts degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Medellin, Colombia. Here he cultivated his skills in drawing and learned watercolour and oil painting.

Prior to migrating to Canada he exhibited in his home town. The move to Canada interrupted his career as an artist but not his interest in being an artist or the development of his talent.

Once he was able to focus on his art, Mario was easily accepted to participate in several juried exhibits including some at public galleries such as the Art Gallery of Peel and Art Gallery of Mississauga. On four occasions he’s won the People’s Choice Award.