I try to push the limits of realism in the graphite medium, simply imitating reality isn’t my primary goal. In fact it’s not about how much detail you choose to put in a piece, it’s what you choose to leave out, that is where the challenge begins. My primary goal is to capture that which we cannot see thoughts, feelings, emotions the soul and spirit.
— Michael C. Gibson

Michael C. Gibson completed his studies in illustration at Sheridan College in 1992 where he received an Outstanding Achievement Award. Since then he started participating in exhibitions and events in Ontario. His consistent pursuit of fine detail has culminated into works that can best be described as photo-realistic. His chosen tool to capture the world around us is the most humble of instruments: a pencil.

Michael has won awards and acclaim in juried competitions and exhibitions all over North America. His career as an artist has mostly blossomed in the United States. From 2003 to the present he has been a part of several shows, festivals and art fairs in the US. With this exposure, his talent has also been recognized on several occasions including honourable mention, drawing awards and prize winner.

Michael's meticulous work illustrates his talent for detail. The realism of his work means it is often mistaken for photographs.