PETER BARELKOWSKI (Additional Pieces)

My work is about the human condition. I explore human experiences such as loneliness and isolation.
— Peter Barelkowski

Peters artistic journey began in Poland, where he was born and where he completed his first studies in Fine Arts. It continued informally at the Camden Arts Centre in London, England and eventually he settled and studied further in Toronto, Canada. He has arrived at an artistic expression that is minimalist and almost naïve with a deceptive visual simplicity.

Identifying all his paintings as Untitled, he refuses to guide viewers to his specific narrative which is steeped in history, laced with nostalgia and wrestles with personal and familial traumas. Instead, he invites them to construct their own by configuring the symbols he offers such as ladders, disrupted chairs, fiddlers, clowns, angels and shifting horizons. However one interprets his monochromatic canvases one is always left in a contemplative state. 

As a very prolific painter, he exhibits regularly each year and his paintings are in private collections in Europe, USA, Canada and Korea.