I do not paint portraits but rather the odd and marginal characters which fill the “spaces in between”. They communicate the different facets of humanity. My cast is the cast of misfits; they are immigrants found between cultures, continents, languages and disciplines.
— Zoya Taylor

Zoya Taylor is a self-taught Jamaican-Canadian artist. She grew up between Germany, Jamaica and Canada and now lives in Norway where she currently works as a full-time artist.

Ms. Taylor has exhibited extensively in the USA, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, England and Jamaica. In 2009, she participated in the Florence Biennale in Italy and was one of the recipients of the President’s Award.

Growing up, the young Zoya spent hours in drawing classes, visiting galleries and pouring over the works of famous artists. She has always been visually expressive and at some level harboured the desire to be an artist but for years painting remained secondary. Just over 10 years ago Ms. Taylor began focussing on painting full-time.  Her inspiration comes partially from the various cultures and places she has experienced.